Jamie Lee Curtis Nude

At 51, Jamie Lee Curtis has grown to be a dignified pillar of Hollywood, ranking in with other greats as Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, and Michelle Pfeiffer. Similar to these glamorous stars, Jamie Lee Curtis has endured the crippling blow of old age and has matured well, like wine drawn from the cellar and dressed in the delicate curves of a champagne glass. With age, she has also procured the wisdom of experience and the reality of a time-stricken life: she uses her public voice in becoming a strong advocate of embracing natural beauty that comes with old age. She has chosen to appear in a photoshoot for AARP magazine fully stripped of cosmetics, the frivolity of a diverse wardrobe, and being physically altered via digital post-processing. What is revealed underneath the courageous celebrity’s sparkle is a sheen brighter than falsified beauty; Jamie Lee Curtis’ hair is silver, accentuating the wisdom in her eyes, and her body, a fragile and time-worn shell, carries the indelible marks of experience. She has decided to ease herself from becoming a full-time actress and is continuing her other duties as an independent voice of femininity, and in contrast, as a mother to her two adopted children.

But Jamie Lee Curtis’ run in showbiz has been good, nevertheless. She gained fame as the “Scream Queen” during the surge of horror and slasher films in Hollywood, starring in early screamers as Halloween in 1978, the original 1980 version of The Fog, and Prom Night. She then became a sex symbol with roles involving on-screen nudity in Trading Places (1983), Love Letters (1984), and True Lies (1994). Her role as Helen Tasker in True Lies won her a Golden Globe, a much-deserved commendation for her stellar acting skills. Today, she has chosen to commit less frequently in film projects, and is focusing on being a parent, a local philanthrophist, and a pensive blogger with a strong voice for The Huffington Post.

While Jamie Lee Curtis has become a respectable image in and out of Hollywood, it’s still an inescapable fact that she has sunk herself, knee-deep, in the unpredictable mire of publicity. There is a mix of distateful rumor and scandalous fact surrounding every celebrity, and sweet ol’ JLC is no stranger to it; Jamie Lee Curtis Nude stands as a very real testament to that fact. I invite you to jump in and see Jamie Lee Curtis shedding more than the metaphorical celebrity sparkle; we’ll leave  the flowery praises and figurative mumbo-jumbo here, there’s some cold, hard nudity shots underneath all these verbal decoratives. Now hit that link!