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Jamie Lee Curtis’ Hot Nude Scenes

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

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There used to be a time when Jamie Lee Curtis was just a struggling movie actress who wanted to make a name for herself in Hollywood. Jamie Lee back then had made several horror B-movies where she usually gets chased down a dark alley by a knife-wielding maniac. Jamie Lee wanted to diversify her roles, and her solution: She showed off her luscious tits! Just check out these Jamie Lee Curtis nude scenes to see how fuckable this actress really is. She has a slender frame, those hot, squeezable tits, and that firm, well toned ass are all that an actress could ask for!

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Jamie Lee surely came a long way from her humble beginnings as a B-movie starlet to all the glitz and glamour she is enjoying right now as one of the most recognized stars in Hollywood, but it wouldn’t hurt to get a glimpse of Jamie Lee baring her boobies with some of her unforgettable yet steamy nude movie scenes that will certainly leave you wanting for more! Here at Jamie Lee Curtis Nude, we have each and every nude movie clips of this Hollywood bombshell and you can surely have a grand time downloading all of her videos and watch this babe take her top off!

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Jamie Lee Curtis’ hot vintage pics

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Who could ever get over Jamie Lee Curtis‘ insanely hot pole dancing scene in True Lies where she was wearing a sexy black bra, a thong and stripper heels. That body! Hot damn…you gotta remember how she glides like a snake in that room, throwing her sexy tight form all over while her juicy perfectly-shaped tits bounce with her slutty moves. I bet Arnold Swarchzenegger tried hard not to cum in his pants in that chair. That’s some hardcore discipline right there.

That was Jamie Lee for you fifteen years ago in her prime. I got to say today she is nowhere near the sex goddess she once was but since she was once the object of my sexual desire for a long time, let’s look back and reminisce the smoking hot carnal sensation in all her sexy glory in these vintage pics that will sure put you in an erotic mood.

Jamie Lee Curtis takes it up the ass

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Being the mother of two children, Jamie Lee Curtis was scandalized at rumors of her posing topless for AARP magazine. Granted, she dropped the strap off her shoulders, but that was all. JLC was quite mortified to see herself on the cover of the magazine, her photo cropped just at the right angle to suggest nudity beyond what the lens captured. She expelled all rumors once and for all during her appearance on Oprah, saying she also regrets having exposed herself in her earlier movies, if only she knew she were to be a mother.

Of course, that still doesn’t cover up for her sleazy (and off-cam) behavior in the past. Back when Jamie Lee possessed the tight-ass body of a burgeoning woman in her late twenties, her sexual maturity was at its peak, and you know what spills out of a hardly containable sex drive like that.

From our respectable archive of celebrity deed doers, we whipped out this steaming photo of Jamie Lee Curtis, who, apparently, likes to take it from behind. Check her gripping her ass, letting out a moan of pain and pleasure as her tight asshole gets ripped and banged by a thick cock. Her pussy juice drips steadily on the sheets, mixed with the lucky stud’s own dripping cum; it looks like the photographer caught them just about to climax from what appears to have been a wild, painful round of fucking. And we have more steaming pictures of Jamie Lee Curtis bending over and getting what she needs, which you can feast on by heading to Jamie Lee Curtis Nude.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ real pussy pics

Monday, October 12th, 2009

There was a nasty rumor back then surrounding Jamie Lee Curtis‘ actual gender. Yes, that’s right, even something as biologically grounded as a person’s gender is now an item for speculation and doubt. Of course, nobody is to blame, except probably those trannies who jumped the fence and hacked off their dicks for clits. Oh well, it’s a personal choice, but they did fuck up our perception of who’s really a chick, and who’s really just a chick… with a dick. But the whispers trailing behind Jamie Lee are something a little from that strain. People actually believed that Jamie Lee Curtis, sex symbol and scream queen, is a hermaphrodite! A couple of facts do point to that surreal, but probable guess: her parents gave her a name that’s a little ambiguous, gender-wise, and there’s also the fact that she never bore a child and chose to adopt instead. We might never know.

I always wondered how hermaphrodites went about with a dick in one hand and a pussy in the other. An anti-social, perverted fuck with a scenario like that would probably never go out of the house and keep a stock of Trojans handy in case he/she impregnated himself/herself. Whatever.

But back to Jamie Lee. I’m sure the controversy had been a really nice piece of conversation around the water cooler, but the retort, “pictures or it never happened!” finally gets a much-deserved rejoinder. Jamie Lee Curtis Nude shows how the Freaky Friday mom isn’t freaky like that: she has a pussy, people, nothing more! And a fine slit I’d like to tear open and juice with my cock, might I add. Here we have samples of JLC’s delectable vag pics for you to finger and fantasize about, and it doesn’t stop here. Her pictures get wilder and wilder as she poses without a top first, then with a finger inside her VERY REAL pussy, and then with a cock inside it, and a face contorted in pleasure

I won’t leave you void of the goods; it’s all here, just click on the link above, and see what Jamie Lee Curtis can do with that pussy of hers.

On-screen nudity is the height of JLC’s career

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Jamie Lee Curtis was dubbed the “Scream Queen” for starring front and center in several slasher films during her early career as an actress. There was her debut in the genre, Halloween, where she played Laurie Strode, the lone surviving girl in the story. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’d like to imagine Jamie Lee living up to her title in that movie, releasing terrifying decibels and being reduced to a cornered, helpless girl against a masked knife-wielder.

But “Scream Queen” pushes me to think of kinkier roles she played after her success in Halloween. We all know Jamie Lee Curtis entered the nudity fray when she, along with her nice, viewable tits, starred in Trading Places in 1983. She probably enjoyed the breeze under her breasts, because she starred in two more mature roles, one for Love Letters, and another for True Lies. And true to every desperate pervert’s calling, movie stills of Jamie Lee’s nudity scenes have cropped up online. She looks hot and dripping with sex appeal in all her photos, as she truly was at the peak of her maturing age. If you’ve seen her in True Lies, you might have gotten a boner when she did a lap dance in her lingerie, with her tight body and then-full tits grinding to an invisible cock. I wish I were right under her, her ass sliding up and down a full tent in my boxers, and her hands dipping inside it for a little dick-diving. That’s when the famed “Scream Queen” lets it out as she slips her g-string aside and starts riding my hard, throbbing cock.

Those screenshots have been compiled for you, reader, and are accessible in full at Jamie Lee Curtis Nude. And now that I’m done here, you might as well hit the link for more naked and dirty photos of Jamie Lee Curtis. I’ve already had my fill, as you’ve just read from my little monologue up there.