Jamie Lee Curtis takes it up the ass

Being the mother of two children, Jamie Lee Curtis was scandalized at rumors of her posing topless for AARP magazine. Granted, she dropped the strap off her shoulders, but that was all. JLC was quite mortified to see herself on the cover of the magazine, her photo cropped just at the right angle to suggest nudity beyond what the lens captured. She expelled all rumors once and for all during her appearance on Oprah, saying she also regrets having exposed herself in her earlier movies, if only she knew she were to be a mother.

Of course, that still doesn’t cover up for her sleazy (and off-cam) behavior in the past. Back when Jamie Lee possessed the tight-ass body of a burgeoning woman in her late twenties, her sexual maturity was at its peak, and you know what spills out of a hardly containable sex drive like that.

From our respectable archive of celebrity deed doers, we whipped out this steaming photo of Jamie Lee Curtis, who, apparently, likes to take it from behind. Check her gripping her ass, letting out a moan of pain and pleasure as her tight asshole gets ripped and banged by a thick cock. Her pussy juice drips steadily on the sheets, mixed with the lucky stud’s own dripping cum; it looks like the photographer caught them just about to climax from what appears to have been a wild, painful round of fucking. And we have more steaming pictures of Jamie Lee Curtis bending over and getting what she needs, which you can feast on by heading to Jamie Lee Curtis Nude.

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